Halfway In Retrospect

On October 10th, the assignment which dictated that we respond to questions about TSIS and then rewrite a I.M. conversation between Romeo and Juliet in a comic. If you look at my blog it’s plain to see that I did not post the assignment, not even late. This is due to the fact that the week this particular assignment fell on was a bad week, a similar scenario happening in other classes as well. Other than that one assignment all assignments have been turned in on time. I’d give myself a C in this aspect.

In the aspect of thoroughness, each post accomplishes what is asked of it. While the wording of the posts do not explicitly state that they are the response to a specific requirement of the assignment at hand, they still allude to those requirements. I’d give myself a B in this aspect.

Each post on the blog only goes as far as the margins of the assignment, not delving any deeper than the task at hand. In the future I will try to go more in depth to the subject and provide my own conclusions. I give myself a D in this aspect.

My posts contain very little to no surface errors or distracting formatting. Where other people’s bright and vivid page layouts may distract the eye and take focus off of the content being read, my layout is simple to the extent that the content being read is some of the only lively content of the page. I’d give myself an A in this aspect.

My blog does display a sense of original thought through both the titles of the posts and the diction that exhibits an understanding of the prerequisite knowledge of the reading material. I give myself an A in this aspect.

Based on the diction and tone of my blog posts it seems as though the posts are directed towards a more educated audience with a vocabulary at least slightly broader than a college freshman. While I’ve been told that I should try to dumb down the diction I use so that it can be better understood by my in-class peers, I refuse to do so. I give myself an A in this aspect.

Through the timeline of my blog, it can be seen that not much has changed as far as the layout goes. The PR class’s responses did not indicate any major push for the layout to change, saying that it made more sense to them after reading my first post. I give myself a B in this aspect.

If I were to choose one post to revise and add to my portfolio it would have to be my post for the Bartholomae piece Inventing the University. If I chose that piece I’d give myself a B in that aspect.


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