Hello, my name is Aaron and this is my blog. Either you’re a member of Ms. Browning’s English 101.38 class or by some convoluted route you’ve stumbled upon what seems to be my little slice of internet heaven, at least for this semester.

After much deliberation I decided on the Zoren theme for my blog because I am a strong believer of less is more, especially in how daily life is carried out. It’s simple yet bold and although it may not have the same extravagance of a theme like Nexus, it still accomplishes all that is required of it.

My blog’s background image is a mock-up of ‘the seed of life’, which is a component of the geometrical figure ‘the flower of life’. Although there are multiple geometrical shapes derived from the flower of life, I chose the seed of life because it embodies the notion that to create something on a massive scale (like the fruit of life, which is sometimes referred to as the blueprint of the universe) you must first construct a foundation on which you can build upon. It also implies that although everyone may possess the seed, it’s up to them whether or not they plant it in fertile ground so that it may grow to bear the fruit of a life of knowledge and scholarship.

I hope that you bear with me through this semester so that maybe together we can sow the seeds of life and take our first step towards the fruitful harvest that is to come.


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